Soya wars – new film

The world’s reliance on soya to feed factory farmed animals is having a devastating impact, according to this brilliant new film by RAW, a project of Compassion In World Farming. As the team involved found out, in Argentina, ’Big Soya’ production is ruining lands and lives. In order to find out more the campaigners spent time with Argentinean communities to investigate the true cost of factory farming. The film comes ahead of publication of Farmageddon, a new expose of global factory farming.

In 2009, The Ecologist Film Unit first highlighted the shocking impact of soya cultivation in Latin America in its landmark film Killing Fields, the True Cost of Cheap Meat:

Get our major forthcoming book, the Ecologist Guide to Food, for more reports on both soya and fishmeal production, another key ingredient in feed used in factory-farm animals.

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